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Average Car Insurance Prices – Are You Paying Too Much?

Looking to find out what the average car insurance prices in your area may be? This is not as simple as being able to just give a number because there are simply too many factors that go into determining rates. Much of it depends on factors such as:Average Car Insurance Prices

  • Your age
  • Driving and insurance history
  • Type of car you drive
  • How many miles you drive
  • State you live in and even your own zip code

It also depends on the type of insurance coverage you want or need. Keep in mind almost every state requires some minimum level of auto insurance coverage to be behind the wheel as a legal driver. To avoid having legal and financial troubles related to driving or having an accident without insurance coverage, make sure to get your policy.

Finding You Savings

Of course the amount you end up paying for your average car insurance prices can also be cheaper if you know a few things. There are little details you should know about to help ensure that what you pay to insure yourself as a driver is as low as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you are in the military or are a retired vet you qualify for discounted rates. Work with a company that offers military discounts to insure drivers and their family members. In fact there are other groups and organizations you may be able to get discounts for by being affiliated with. Find out if your group membership can earn you discounts.
  • For younger drivers under the age of 25, make sure you look for ways to make your “high risk” insurance rates as low as possible. If you are in high school, you should take driver’s education class. High school and even some college students may also qualify for a good student’s discount depending on your grades. Also, if you get married before the age of 25 even that will lower your rates. Just be aware of what may help lower the average car insurance prices for you.
  • Keep your car buying to a safe versus sporty model, and you will save a good deal on your coverage premiums. Details down to the color of the paint can impact your rates so be sure to browse for car insurance rates before you decide on which car to buy. Add safety features and anti-theft devices when possible and your savings will seriously increase.
  • Keep all of your insurance policies with one provider and you may be surprised by the rates you can get. Instead of having different policies and insurance carriers for your car, renters and motorcycle policies, use the same one for all of them. In fact, make sure all the drivers in your household get on one policy so all of you can save. Not only does this save you money, it makes bill paying that much easier.
  • While on the subject of bill paying, how and how often you pay are two other things that can impact your rates. If you pay quarterly or annually for your car insurance, you will get better rates than if you pay monthly. Not to mention you can get cheaper average car insurance prices for your policy if you go paperless with your billing. Set up your payments to come directly out of your checking or savings account or have it billed to your credit card. Any of these approaches will slash prices on your premiums.

There are dozens of other tricks that can help you save on your car insurance. These are just a few of the most common details that often apply but also get overlooked.

What’s Your Average?

There are some things that can affect your premium prices negatively. Although you can easily use just your zip code to get access to your FREE auto insurance quotes, you should be prepared for things that can ding your history or impact your rates. This does not mean you will be unable to find cheap car insurance, but you should just be aware of potential hurdles such as:

  • Your credit score. Although you can generally work around that these days.
  • Your driving history. This can be more serious if you have serious driving infractions such as DUIs. Even being caught without car insurance coverage or having a long lapse in your coverage can cause you to be in the “high risk” category and pay higher premiums. This is especially true if you are required to get SR22 insurance to drive legally.

For that reason it is important to…

  • Make sure you have some sort of policy at all times. Even if you are not planning on driving much and are just borrowing a friend’s car to occasionally run errands, make sure you have non owner’s car insurance. No matter what your driving situation is, more than likely there is an auto insurance policy custom made to meet your needs.

Moving Around

A common mistake drivers make when it comes to average car insurance prices is not changing their policy when they move. For one thing even a different zip code within the same state can drastically change your rates. Make sure if you are planning to move you get quotes for your new zip code to see if your rates will be higher or lower.

Also, if you move to a new state, you must change this with your policy provider. The minimum state guidelines change state to state. If you do not have the coverage needed for your new state, you could be caught driving illegally. Also make sure your policy provider adjusts the policy to your current state minimums or you could also be overpaying for your car insurance.

If you want to find out how low your rates could be, use your zip code to get started. In no time you will find the average car insurance prices you get are cheaper than you ever thought possible.