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Average Car Insurance Rates

If you have been looking to finally insure your car, you should know a little about what’s available for the average car insurance payment. However, it does vary depending on so many factors. To try to make it easier for drivers, it is a better idea to give a general idea of what type of insurance is available and what goes into determining what your premiums will be.

Once you have a general comprehension of what insurance is available and what can affect the rates, you will understand why getting average car insurance rates is not easy to limit to one set price. Everything from the car you drive, where you live and even whether or not you are married can impact the answer to the questions “how much does car insurance cost?” The best way to find average car insurance rates by state is to get quotes based on your zip code.

Factors that Influence Average Car Insurance Rates

If you have never had your own car insurance policy, then getting an idea of average monthly car insurance premiums can seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be, however, especially if you know a few factors that impact the rates or can help you lower your costs.

What do companies look at when setting up an average car insurance payment?  Average Car Insurance Rates

  • Your age, driving record and history of maintaining average car insurance all impact your average cost for car insurance per month.
  • Your zip code is how your average car insurance rates by state are determined.
  • The age of your vehicle and the condition it is in matters a good bit. Not to mention that even whether the car is kept in a garage or on the street in a higher crime area will change the rates.
  • If your car is financed, your average monthly car insurance rates will be steeper. This is especially true for newer cars.
  • Whatever your state regulations are for minimum average car insurance required will obviously effect what your premiums will look like.

Factors that Can Reduce Your Average Monthly Car Insurance

While it isn’t always easy to find a cheap car insurance policy, much of it depends on how much coverage you need. There are also ways you can help keep the average cost of car insurance per month lower by learning a few tricks.

  • Deductibles are a major component when it comes to your average car insurance cost per month. Deductibles are what you pay out of your own pocket in the event of an accident before your average car insurance policy kicks in. If you only have a $250 deductible in place, though, your rates will be much higher. Try adjusting your deductible to $500 or higher and see how much your rates change.
  • Pay annually or quarterly and your average car insurance payment will be much less than monthly.

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