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Insuring Your Ford Escape: What You Should Know

The Ford Escape has made some very interesting changes since it was first introduced to the market. At that time it was treated as purely a hybrid vehicle, but after some major changes its fuel efficiency was much higher and the hybrid version was dropped from the lineup. Even still, that efficiency may allow you to qualify for a federal tax credit in some locations. It is currently listed as the tenth most affordable compact sports utility vehicle and may allow drivers to have as much as a ten percent discount on insurance.

The Ford Escape earned a five star crash rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after some minor tweaks to its basic design.

How Much Is Insurance?

Insurance is very difficult to estimate without knowing some personal information. Because the Ford Escape is considered to be one of the safer SUVs on the market, its insurance cost is considerably lower than others in its class. Things that can influence the cost of your insurance include:

Ford Escape

  • Your age, marital status and gender
  • The number of drivers in your household
  • Your location
  • The number of miles that you drive each yea.
  • Whether you own your home
  • Whether you are going to own the car outright or will be financing it

If you are financing your vehicle, it is important to understand that the finance company will probably require additional insurance beyond what the state requires.

How Much Insurance Is Enough?

On its sticker, the Ford Escape is listed at a cost of $22,470. Most people will choose any number of various options and extras, which will raise the price of the vehicle. The more options that you choose, the higher the price will go. If you have bought the SUV off the lot with cash in hand, you are saving the expense of a recurring payment. You are also avoiding the requirement of having to have the higher priced insurance as well. But, if something happens to your Escape, your basic insurance is not going to cover the cost of replacing it. You are going to have to bear the expense of replacing your vehicle plus the cost of your injuries. This is especially true if you have slid off the roadway and hit a sign or a tree. If you are involved with another car, your basic insurance may not be enough to cover the cost of their vehicle plus their injuries. Anything that goes beyond what your insurance covers will have to be paid for by you, and you will still have to replace your own vehicle. Experts suggest that you buy as much insurance as you can possibly afford even after your car has been paid off.

Some insurance policies will give additional benefits such as roadside assistance and other types of coverage, so it is important to shop around for quotes before making your final decision.

Ways to Save Money on Your Insurance

There are many ways to save some money on your auto insurance. Choosing the Ford Escape is a good start and may save you as much as ten percent on the insurance coverage. There are others that can bring your final price down as well. These include:

  • Bundling insurance coverage for more than just your vehicle. With some companies, the more that you insure, the more you save.
  • Keeping your driving record clean. For every ticket, accident and other incident on your record, the insurance rates can go higher. Some companies are offering rebates for good driving records, while others drop deductible amounts or premium payments.
  • Choosing a higher deductible can save you money upfront but can be a problem if there is an accident. Whatever deductible you choose will have to be paid out of pocket by you before the insurance coverage will kick in.
  • Having certain safety features and upgrades on your vehicle can also lower your insurance as well. These can include anti-lock brakes, an alarm system and other theft deterrents.

Things You May Not Know about Insurance

When you are covering your vehicle, there are some restrictions to the coverage that you must understand. If you have the wrong type of insurance, you may find that you are not covered for some events. If you hit an animal (or it hits you) it may not be covered by some basic insurance. Glass breakage is also sometimes excluded from some types of coverage. It is important that you ask what is and is not covered before you settle on a coverage type. Collision insurance covers just that- an accident involving another car. Comprehensive insurance covers the other types of accidents that can occur, including damages from animals/vandalism/theft and the weather. Comprehensive often includes glass breakage coverage. If you live in an area where the weather is frequently extreme, it is important to have this more complete insurance so that you don’t find out that you are not covered when it is too late.