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What Is the Average Cost for Car Insurance per Month?

Determining what the average cost for car insurance per month is can be tricky because there are so many factors that go into deciding what a driver will pay for insurance. The state you live in, your zip code and even where you park your vehicle each night are all determining details that determine the average cost for car insurance. However, you should know some things before getting even your rates for the average cost for car insurance per month.

After gaining some insight as to what you can expect to have an effect on your average monthly car insurance rates, you will need to get quotes from providers competing for your business. This is a great way to make your average car insurance cost go down because the competition will enable you have cheaper rates to choose from. The important thing is to make sure you actually get your policy in place so you can drive legally and reduce your risks of paying for an accident out of your own pocket.

What’s So Important about Having Average Car Insurance?

Surely, by now you realize the importance of driving with a valid and up to date auto insurance policy. In fact, even driving without proof of an existing average car insurance policy could land you a ticket and a fine. Here is the rundown on the importance of having your auto insurance. Average Cost for Car Insurance per Month

  • To drive a car legally in every state except for New Hampshire, you must have some sort of average car insurance in place. Most states require only liability insurance, but some require more. It is crucial to find out before spending money on your average car insurance payment that you know what your state minimum requirements are. This is especially true if you had a policy but have relocated to a new state. Finding out what your average car insurance rates by state are will help make sure you are driving legally in your new zip code.
  • If you have a collision and are not at fault but are not driving legally because you do not have insurance, you are more than likely not going to have your expenses covered. Even if the other driver is at fault, most insurance companies will not pay out to a driver who was driving illegally.
  • If you have an accident and are at fault, the bills you will acquire as a result can be astronomical. The average cost for car insurance per month is much less than anything you will have to pay out of pocket should the need arise. The average cost of car insurance is miniscule compared to having to pay for another driver’s car repairs or replacement, medical bills, private property damage or public property damage.
  • All that is without even considering what expenses you may have in relation to your own car and medical bills. This is even more true if you do not have your own health insurance.

What Types of Insurance Are There?

When comparing average car insurance rates, you will need to know what type of auto insurance you need in the first place. Of course working with an insurance agent after getting your quotes can help you make sense of your policy needs, but you may already have an idea of what you need. If not, here is a basic rundown of options that are available for car insurance.

  • SR22 is a type of insurance needed in order for someone who has had their license suspended and categorized a “high risk driver” to have their license reinstated.
  • Liability is the basic minimum average monthly car insurance a state will require a driver to have in order to be street legal. Liability ensures the expenses of the driver who was not at fault will be covered by the driver who was.
  • No fault is an insurance policy required by 12 states at present time. It means that both insured drivers are covered and each insurance company will cover their driver’s expenses regardless of who was at fault.
  • Collision is an average car insurance policy that covers the vehicles involved in a collision but does not cover damage to a car caused by other events.
  • Comprehensive fills in the gaps and makes sure your car is also protected from damage caused by things such as hail, fire, floods, vandalism or theft.

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