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Average Cost of Car Insurance for Teenagers

Getting your driver’s license for the very first time is an exciting moment in a young person’s life. It is, however, also an expensive one when it comes to securing auto insurance coverage for teens. The average cost of car insurance for teenagers can be pretty steep, and it can be difficult to find ways to cut down on the premium costs. So before you run off and pay too much for your auto insurance for the young driver in your household, make sure you know a thing or two about securing the policy and getting affordable car insurance for teenagers.

Average Cost of Car Insurance for Teenagers – What to Expect

There are several reasons younger drivers cost more when it comes to those monthly car insurance premiums: Average Cost of Car Insurance for Teenagers

  • One reason the average cost of auto insurance for teens is so high is that these drivers lack the experience required to become a skilled and defensive driver.
  • Young drivers are much more likely to not pay attention to the road and get caught up in conversation with their friends who are passengers or by changing the song on their MP3 players.
  • Younger drivers behind the wheel are more easily distracted by things not related to driving or the road. So, if a phone call or text comes in, they are more likely to get distracted by this than a driver with more experience.
  • The bottom line is that teen drivers are considered high risk drivers. This means they are at a greater risk for being involved in a collision.

Lower Your Rates

Just because premiums for young drivers who lack experience are generally higher doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to save money when it comes to your policy payments. Some ways to save on the average cost of car insurance for teenagers include:

  • Make sure your teen driver takes advantage of driver’s education courses available at his or her high school as part of the general curriculum. Not only does this course help you and your teen receive more manageable rates for car insurance, it will also help prepare your son and daughter for being on the road.
  • Help your teen to maintain a higher grade point average or GPA. Many car insurance policy providers offer discounts for teens who study and work hard to keep their grades up as a reward and incentive to continue to do so. Study with your teen and ensure that he or she has the tools necessary to keep those grades high.
  • Have your teenager get a part time job to help with the premium costs. If your child is old enough to drive, he or she is old enough to understand responsibility. Encourage this by having them work and contribute to the policy costs.
  • Get different rate quotes. By just supplying your zip code you can gain access to plenty of competitive quotes from car insurance companies trying to win your business. Get your average cost of car insurance for teenagers today and find out how to start saving big.