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Understanding the Average Cost for Car Insurance per Month

Drivers often neglect to understand the importance of finding out what the average cost for car insurance per month may be before getting themselves into a new car payment. Or it may be that you are one of those risk takers who is sure you cannot afford the average car insurance payment and have decided to drive illegally without it instead of getting those quotes. You no longer have to make these same types of mistakes when it comes to understanding the average cost of insurance.

What about Average Car Insurance Rates by State? Understanding the Average Cost for Car Insurance per Month

If you are not yet familiar with the process of knowing what the average cost of car insurance per month is, you may not yet realize your own zip code can have an impact on the price you pay. For that reason you should keep these things in mind in relation to the average car insurance rates by state:

  • The state you live in will have a direct effect on your average cost of car insurance. Every state aside from New Hampshire requires drivers to carry at least liability insurance to be behind the wheel of a car legally. The amount the minimum requirements will vary, but a liability policy for average car insurance includes an amount for personal injury per person per accident, a total amount of coverage for all injuries per accident and a third amount to cover any property damage per collision.
  • Some states may require more than just liability. In fact, when determining the average cost of car insurance per month for your policy, you will need to find out if you live in a state that requires “no fault” car insurance coverage. No fault car insurance coverage is meant to cover the driver who is insured regardless of who is deemed at fault in a collision. The idea behind this is to help lower the average cost for car insurance per month by reducing the need for expensive legal fees as the result of lawsuits. At this time the states that have made no fault auto insurance mandatory include:

1.)    Florida
2.)    Hawaii
3.)    Kansas
4.)    Kentucky
5.)    Massachusetts
6.)    Michigan
7.)    Minnesota
8.)    New Jersey
9.)    New York
10.) North Dakota
11.)  Pennsylvania
12.)  Utah

  •  Other states may have other requirements, and some of it may be based on things such as whether or not you are financing your vehicle. An insurance agent can help you make sure your have the complete average car insurance policy you need in place.

Other Driver Details Impacting Your Average Car Insurance

Aside from your state, there are other details that will impact your average monthly car insurance premiums. For instance if you have a financed car that is worth less than what you are currently paying for it, you may have to have insurance to cover these differences. Your driving history, car insurance record and even your credit score can all be determining factors that impact what your average car insurance per month cost will be.

Keep in mind you can help reduce those payments by doing things such as having a sizable down payment or making your premium payments annually or quarterly instead of monthly. Though it may be trickier to come up with these amounts annually or quarterly, it will save you money on your average cost of car insurance. There are many short term car insurance options that can protect you for a small amount of time. It can be one month up to many more. Make sure too that you work as hard as possible to keep your driving record clean and those insurance rates low as possible.

Don’t Put It Off

There’s no need to put off getting your average car insurance quotes and getting your policy in place right away. This can help you:

  • Avoid legal ramifications, tickets and fines
  • Make sure you can afford to cover at least damage or injuries you will be responsible for in a collision where you are deemed the “at fault” driver
  • Ensure that your new car is actually paid off and not your responsibility if it is stolen or wrecked to the point of being “totaled out”
  • Give you peace of mind protection and the ability to drive legally

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have all the average car insurance coverage you need. Be a street smart driver and get your affordable average monthly car insurance rates by simply offering up nothing more than your zip code. By doing this you can have companies offering low average car insurance rates competing for your policy today.